Last night. A young king triumphing in Chicago. 

Oh, the beautiful things you create with simply an iPhone. I’m spending some much needed time with the lady in Florida. She is immaculate. God is good. 

Model: Ariel Belgrave
Photographer: Quinnton Harris

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It’s been a pleasure watching @thefashionesta evolve into the artist God called her to be. I am excited to enter a new phase of our partnership and for our upcoming feature with @warbyparker.

Photographer: Quinnton Harris

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Late nights at Lorimer St.


Portrait of Ekow Essel (@mr_ekow) — Harlem, NY

photographer: Quinnton Harris

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This past weekend, jamming on some new projects with @glgenco. #SoHo #artists

Photo by Quinnton Harris

Sir Dario, photographer and visual artist #xOmar

Photo credit: Quinnton Harris

wearywanker xOmar

Photo credit: Quinnton Harris

xOmar photographer. Everything.

Photo credit: Quinnton Harris

#xOmar #fashionweek #NYC

Photo credit: Quinnton Harris

xOmar #fashionweek #NYC

Photo credit: Quinnton Harris


My first fashion week in the city has been incredible. My favorite event was the small, low key showcase of my good friend and designer Omar Campbell. I have pulled from his collections before for photo-shoots and I have always deeply admired his work. 

His style is reminiscent of what I experienced growing up. I watched my mother take vintage piece and create stitch them together into something unique, yet classic. Omar is especially know for his use of zippers, constructing extraordinary breakaway blazers and pant.

I am so happy I was able to catch up with him because immediately following his show, he packed for a late night departure for London and Paris. I look forward to seeing working with him again!

Part 2

Listen to a short narrative of my passions and ideas

Leading up to the release of my new website, I talked to good friend Malcolm J. Gray about my process, aspirations and heritage. Check out Part 1 of my interview with the Boston radio personality and marketing guru on Soundcloud.

Two weeks ago, I turned 25 years old. Now, its time to make moves. I am excited to say my personal website is finally up. It’s the first iteration, and there is definitely more room for me to grow in my craft as a storyteller. But the first step to progress is to try. ‪#‎design #‎branding‬ #‎changeforthebetter‬

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